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Jon Buchanan presents the Conservationist of the Year Award to Logan and Laura Phillippe. Bobbi Satterthwaite (unavailable for photo) was chosen as the Wildlife Manager of the Year at the 71st Annual Lawrence County Soil and Water Conservation Dinner Meeting, Monday.

Lawrence County Soil & Water Conservation District hosts annual meeting
  The 71st Annual Lawrence County Soil & Water Conservation District meeting was held at Central Christian Church, Monday night.
   Following the meal, catered by Kaye Holscher, highlights included the announcement of the Conservationist of the Year Award (Logan and Laura Phillippe), the Wildlife Manager of the Year Award (Bobbi Satterthwaite), and the “Friends of Lawrence County Soil & Water District” (Norman Kocher and the CFCO).
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The Lawrenceville High School Boys Varsity Basketball Team won the Little Illini Conference Tournament title for the second consecutive year on their home court, Friday. On Tuesday, they experienced their second loss of the season, 83-75, as they hosted a non-conference match with Mt. Carmel. The Indians will be back in action as they travel to Olney, Friday. (Photo by John Earnst)

Wayne Johnson congratulates Norman Kocher for his efforts on behalf of the CFCO as he was presented with the “Friends of the Lawrence County Soil and Water Conservation District at the annual meeting. (Photos by Barbara E. Allender)

Farm Bureau encourages Young Farmers to attend annual meeting
  The Lawrence County Farm Bureau annual meeting is less than one week away! Staff at the Farm Bureau have been working hard to prepare all needed materials for members to come and enjoy a nice meal, silent auction and entertainment on February 8th. This year’s annual meeting will be held at Central Christian Church in Lawrenceville with dinner starting at 6 p.m.
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Letter to the Governor
  Poor must drive to Olney for public aid
   Lawrenceville office closes
   October 12, 2015
   Governor Bruce Rauner
   207 State House
   Springfield IL 62706
   Re: Proposed consolidation of Lawrence County Department of Human Resources with Richland County Department of Human Resources
   Your Honor:
   It will be an unmitigated disaster to Lawrence County if proposed moving of the Lawrence County Office of the Department of Human Resources to Olney comes to pass. At end of World War II, Lawrenceville was approximately same size as Olney. Today, Olney has twice the population of Lawrenceville. We lost Texaco Refinery in 1985. Water, electricity, telephone and gas companies each moved to Olney in quick succession.
   For years Lawrenceville was the site of Workmen’s Compensation hearings before the Industrial Commission, conveniently located for numerous claimants throughout Southeastern Illinois. Within the past ten years that vital group transferred all claims to either Mattoon or Mt. Vernon hearing sites. Each is 90 miles from Lawrenceville. Secretary of State site of hearings for restoration of driving privileges is also in Mt. Vernon.
   It is rumored that the medicinal marijuana distribution center for this ISP District, originally scheduled for Lawrenceville based on our comparative unemployment, is being transferred elsewhere.
   In view of the above melancholy scenario, Republicans will need to wear sidearms as protection if merciful justice does not come from the Executive branch.
   We pray: (a) If there be a consolidation of the Richland and Lawrence offices for the Department of Human Resources, Lawrenceville will be the site of both. The existing facility here is adequate to cover the expanded use. Rent is fractional as compared to what is paid in Richland.
   (b) That a Lawrenceville distribution center be chosen for the medicinal marijuana. We have a client who will furnish rent free any of three vacant store buildings on the Courthouse Square. State’s choice.
   (c) Give us reason to fly the flag on your birthday.
   Thank you for your consideration, and advice.
   The Sumner Press
   PUBLISHER’S NOTE: No reply received. DHR terminated its lease February 1. Perhaps we should have sent stamped addressed envelope. This failure underscores the grim .reality that Lawrence County has fallen behind in the scheme of things. Each of us must try harder at whatever our game if the County is to go and grow. It would be helpful toward that goal if every employee in a state supported job were required to live in the County.

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