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McKenzie Wolfe, valedictorian, is presented with her diploma by Unit 10 Board President Bob Christy. (Photos by Barbara E. Allender)

Darah Bennett, Salutatorian/ Class President.

LHS salutatorians (at right) Matthew Metz and Elizabeth Theriac speak to the class.

LHS sister valedictorians (below) Hannah and Heather Holmes address the group.

Pictured above: Graduating LHS seniors are reaching high with the traditional cap tossing at the conclusion of the ceremonies.

LHS holds forty-third commencement exercise
  It was the 43rd Annual Commencement exercise for Lawrenceville High School at 2 p.m., Sunday, May 17. For its 2015 graduating class, however, the ceremonies were conducted in the air-conditioned facility where they finished the final half of their high school years.
   Principal Paul Higginbotham presented the top 10 of the class as: Hannah Holmes, Heather Holmes, Elizabeth Theriac, Matthew Metz, Amerae Miller, Shayna Shick, Shawn Emmett, Emily Pargin Michalyn Johnson, and Jordan Walker.
   Salutatorians Metz and Theriac addressed the group. Sisters Hannah and Heather Holmes shared valedictorian honors as each shared their thoughts and class memories.
St. Francisville bridge removal put on hold
  By Barbara E. Allender
   A show of citizen support to keep the 13th Street Bridge part of the St. Francisville landscape has prevailed, at least, for now. During the Wednesday, May 13 meeting of the city council, a round of comments were collected. The majority of those voicing their wishes were from those who wanted to exhaust all possibilities to keep the bridge from being torn down and replaced with a modern road. It is the hopes of many that the bridge will qualify for the National Registry of Historic Places.
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Lawrenceville hears update, raises water rates
  By Barbara E. Allender
   The Lawrenceville City Council received a reportduring its monthly meeting on Thursday, May 14 concerning the status of the 911 system in the county. Director of the system, Dennis Poland, told the Council that the mapping was complete. Addressing is expected to be completed very soon. The Lawrenceville rural routes are yet to be named.
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707 State Street, Lawrenceville

   Price Reduced for Great Home in Sumner
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   50l S. Christy, Sumner

The Red Hill High School choir performs.

RHHS graduates
  The Red Hill High School Class of 2015 observed its commencement on Saturday, May 16 at 2 p.m.
   McKenzie Wolfe, valedictorian of the class, and Darah Bennett, salutatorian, addressed their classmates and attending crowd.
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Letters to the Editor
   The following letter is a response to an email sent by one of our Sumner news columnists, Sandy Binkley, to WTHI with questions concerning the storm on May 9th in Sumner.
   Dear Concerned Citizen (this might take a few minutes to read, it’s packed with details),
   Hopefully I can help clear up the frustration from the storm last weekend. I’ve taken a few calls from residents in Sumner and I know that our coverage is important to you. I take it even more personal because I was there for the weekend storms. I’m from a small Illinois community myself ,like Sumner, and I understand the importance to have a connection with you. I want to make sure you trust me moving forward.
   Unfortunately, I do not hold the power to warn storms in the nature that I believe you were looking for (TV crawls, radio, phone alerts, etc.). We work tightly with the National Weather Service, and the local branch for your county and region is located in Lincoln, Illinois.
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   Dear Editor,
   The article about local artist, Paul Spangler, in May 14 edition of Sumner Press was quite interesting and I admire the work of this artist. However, I am compelled to make corrections to the information that he gave about the origins of The Spot Café.
   July 9, 1944 Carl Ulysses Shaw, my mother’s father, died suddenly at his residence on State Street, Lawrenceville. This left his widow, Nettie Mae, with no source of income and rent due to the following month before the days of Social Security and other government assistance programs. Early that Fall, Frank “Pud” Hardacre, my father’s brother, came to my grandmother to ask if she would bake pies for the restaurant that he was opening just a block west of her home on the other side of the street. My grandmother began that enterprise immediately which became her source of income for the remainder of her working days. From July 1947 through May 1952 on Saturdays I assisted with the production of those pies that supplied three restaurants and private parties. So the actual original owner/operator of The Spot Café was Frank Hardacre in the Fall of 1944. As to when or to whom he later sold the business I have no knowledge.
   Norma G.
   (Hardacre) Linder

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