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Doug Meinhart, a crop insurance specialist with Farm Credit Services, spoke to a large group attending the Tuesday morning meeting at Central Christian Church in Lawrenceville concerning the Farm Bill. Other professionals spoke on the topic to enlighten the local audience on changes to anticipate. (Photo by Barbara E. Allender)

Karlee and Jim Potts are pictured on their wedding day in St. Francisville.

Canadian native survives winter
  By Barbara E. Allender
   A life-altering event in the life of Karlee Kosolofski-Potts could have taken a devastating turn. As it turns out, the 23-year old Canadian native is alive to share the lessons of a harrowing experience from her childhood and the promise of a modern love story.
   At the age of two, Karlee was pronounced clinically dead. Her lifeless body had been found “frozen solid” on the doorstep of her home near Rouleau in the province of Saskatchewan.
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Family history is subject
  On Monday (January 26)evening, the Documentary by Kevin Borden, author and presenter was held at the Museum for members and guests in attendance. This was an interesting family history and stories about Borden’s, ancestors and non-ancestors. The Borden’s arrived in Lawrence County IL some 193 years ago, and the family is not sure why they relocated to this county, but some have remained throughout the years, and continue to reside here—this is home.
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U.S. Route 50 Four-Lane Coalition meets
  The US Route 50 Four-Lane Coalition held a meeting on January 14th in Clay City. The meeting was well attended with members representing each of the six counties along the corridor. The goal of the coalition is a 119 mile rural expressway along the current US Route 50. At the meeting, the Coalition prioritized a list of concerns and will focus on these items when communicating with IDOT and members of the Illinois General Assembly.
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